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Working With the Best


Ben Lee


Ben's MMA passion and 2+ years of BJJ training drive his commitment to helping combat sport athletes achieve success. He provides dedicated support to maximize their potential.

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Ivan Svetakov 


Ivan is a graduate of USC's Business Administration program and has extensive experience in real estate, specifically in the Russian and UAE markets. He is based in Dubai and uses his expertise in data science and machine learning to educate local businesses and help them achieve growth and success.

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Christian Knowles

Head of Striking

Christian's coaching expertise is supported by his vast fighting experience of over 50 fights globally. He has successfully trained 4 World Champions, 4 European Champions, and 14 British and English champions, including renowned fighters like Jonathan Haggerty, Liam Nolan, and Lyndon Knowles. Chris will provide personal training for our Muay Thai and K1 fighters, imparting his world-class techniques to ensure their success in the cage.

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Peter Miller

Head of Nutrition

Peter, an MSc-certified Sports Nutritionist and Chef, creates customized meal plans and conducts physiological testing to help combat athletes achieve peak performance. He works with UFC fighters and World Champions in One Championship, Boxing, and Muay Thai.

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Rob Holdsworth

Head of Mindset

Rob is a skilled hypnotherapist and mindset coach who helps individuals achieve high performance. With 4+ years of experience and 500+ clients, he cultivates clarity, reduces limitations, and instills drive and optimism. His personalized approach empowers clients to reach their full potential.


Elio is a marketing and content creation agency that specialises in social media. They have over a decade of experience and have worked with some of the biggest influencers in the United Kingdom.


Synapse Insights is a data science and machine learning consulting firm that specialises in utilising both in-house and third-party data to provide reliable insights for athlete performance. Our experts work closely with Kaizen Management to analyse data, identify trends, and offer tailored solutions for optimal decision-making.

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